Monday, December 8, 2008

My job takes me to the most interesting places....

Three to four days a week, I have to travel throughout the small towns in North-Central Florida for my job. I quickly learned that unless I want to eat Hardees or the local Southern buffet, I would have to bring my own lunch. If I am lucky, I find someplace like this to eat it in. This is in Fanning Springs, and right beyond that fence is the Suwannee River. This is probably my favorite place I've found so far to eat and rest. One time I looked up to the river just as a tarpon splashed up and back into the water. I only saw the splash but I'm positive that's what it was!

The other month I was driving through a neighborhood in Perry, FL and saw this goat. First I thought it was a bit strange to see a goat in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. Then I drove closer and realized it only had Three Legs and No Tail! But it seemed content nibbling at this house's lawn, so I didn't feel too bad for it.

I was driving around in the middle of nowheresville and came across this structure in a field. At first that smoke stack looking thing in the middle made me think of a power plant of some sort. However it's not a very large building (compare it to the powerline pole to the left of it) and also there was no fencing, signs, parking lots or roads leading up to it. Plus nobody was around. And again, it was in the country. If it was a power plant, there were maybe 5 homes within a mile radius to service. Weird.