Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh yea,

Also, this week at work I got stuck in somebody's well shed! The owners weren't home and I went in for a second to do my work. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the door slowly shutting with the wind and knew that it was fine because enough light was coming in from cracks in the wall to continue working. Only when I heard the click of the latch did I realize what kind of lock they had: the kind you see on gates that you have to reach over the gate to pull up. Except there was no reaching over this door!

At first I was super embarrassed when I called my boss. Only after I gave him directions to the house so that a coworker could come let me out did I realize how badly it could have been if I didn't constantly wear my work cell phone clipped to my jean pocket. When he came to let me out, I mentioned this to my coworker and he responded that he was surprised I had reception in that area of the county! I was in this shed for 40 minutes, standing the whole time because the floors were covered with straw and dirt and the walls had spiders and webs all over them. I realized that I was also lucky I was still in the county and not 2 hours away like I usually am.

WHEW! What a scare! Definitely learned my lesson.

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Katharine said...

That is so terrifying! I'm glad it was okay, I would have been freaking out.