Saturday, July 11, 2009

Work Travels

Lately I've gone to some interesting places for work:
Steinhatchee is a small fishing village on the coast, northwest of Gainesville. Everytime I find out I have work to do here, I look forward to it. No matter where you look, you find a scenic view of the Steinhatchee River or coastal homes that remind me of Key West and Cedar Key.
These brightly painted townhomes seem to be more for the weekend tourists.
There was a good mix of tourist homes and homes like this wooden one that fits in better with the scenery and looks a bit more authentic. I love all the tin roofs.

Next up is White Springs, located on the northern portion of the Suwannee River, which seems to be the main attraction of the town. The actual downtown stores appear abandoned but the victorian homes are well kept and there's a kayak outfitter and a large State Park that probably get good traffic from the outdoor enthusiasts attracted for the river. I like to stop at the old Sulfur Springs and look at the old pictures from when it operated as a spa.
This is me being reflected from the glass case as I was trying to take a picture of what the spring house looked like back in the....late 1800s?
This is what the spring house looks like now. There's only one level to walk on and this is looking out to the river.

Next town is Yankeetown, located southwest of here on the Withlacoochie River. I don't know too much about this place but during lunch one day I discovered a park with trails to stretch my legs after driving for so long.
The environment here is mostly coastal grasses with cabbage palms. The paths are extremely well maintained and clearly marked with a map that you can take with you at the trailhead.

Coming back from Yankeetown is this curiuos piece of land. I've always spotted it on my drives but never noticed the gate open until this time. I had an intern with me so we decided to drive up and see if it was a park.
Not a park but open to the public. Driving in, I got a better look at what I had been seeing in a blur driving fast on the road,
There was no information about what the structures were for or anything besides a paper listing the development opportunities. Once I had internet access, I looked it up and it has an odd but interesting history. I guess it's currently used as grounds for weddings/corporate events/etc but the owner is a developer and wants to sell it.
Driving around the grounds was surreal because of how well manicured and landscaped the place was, but absolutely deserted. Plus it's in the middle of nowhere on highway 19 in between Inglis and Chiefland. I tried to get a picture of the stream connecting the big structure to this lake and the features on the backside of the big fountain but my camera died right after this picture.


Katharine said...

Whoa! That last place is crazy. What a cool find. Also I really want a tin roof. Oh, the next time you come down we should go to the Venetian pools, I have never been there and I really want to go.

Nicole said...

I remember that day! These pictures give a much better depiction of if than the aerials. I was hoping you'd put them up. I can see what you mean by surreal. This out in the middle of wherever... how interesting!