Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cloudland Canyon

My friend Patty and I decided to take advantage of the Labor Day Weekend this year and go camping. She lives in Atlanta so I drove up there and then we drove up to Cloudland Canyon, about 2 hours NW of Atlanta.
Driving up, the highways were bordered by fall colors. All the tree leaves were turning and it was beautiful scenery!

 We camped in the RV/Tent campground. This was a last minute trip and it was easier to shove all our supplies in the car rather than hike them in to the tents only campground. Here is my little tent on our campsite.  

Sadly neither of us were in Girl Scouts and had issues starting a fire. Our neighbor helped us out and we managed to heat up our hot dogs and veggies and then create a campfire to stay warm by for the night.
The next morning we woke up and found the trail that leads into the canyon.

Along the trail, we found this baby cave. The rock on top is placed so perfectly it almost looks manmade but it's not (I assume!).
 While hiking, we amused ourselves by taking fake pictures. This is me rock climbing....12 inches off of the ground...

 Here is Patty holding up this GIANT BOULDER. It was huuuuuge. This was at the top of the path before the bajillion stairs that we walked down, not anticipating the return trip.
 Down in the ravine are two waterfalls, with a stream leading from one to the other. There are large rocks strewn along the creek bed. I think as a naturally short person, I automatically climb onto anything that will make me taller. I was standing on the chair rungs of a bar stool last night talking to someone and they remarked on it. I think I'm like a goat. If goats have the opportunity to climb on something, they will.
 Here is Patty in front of the first waterfall. Both waterfalls were pretty small considering the amount of space it looked like they could take. I'm guessing Georgia has had just as little rainfall as Florida this fall and hopefully they are bigger in the summer.
 This rock had a perfect seat just waiting for me!

 We hiked the two miles to the end of the trail and checked out the cave that Patty read about on the internet. Apparently the park does not advertise this cave but it is popular among spelunkers. We asked the park ranger and they gave us directions, letting us know that we will be able to tell we're near the cave by the cold blast of air that hits you as you get close. And it was true! It was freezing air coming out of the cave. I put my jacket on because it was probably a 10-20 degree different in temperature. .
This is looking from the cave back out the opening. There wasn't much to see beyond mud and rocks and we were on a tight schedule to get back to the campground before dark so we left. Hiking back on the trail, we started to get tired and were dreading the ridiculous stair climb back up to the top. Luckily we came across a couple of hikers that we had talked to earlier in the day. They were a nice older couple from the same town as Patty and they offered us a ride since they were staying in the same campground. 
 Relieved we didn't have to hike the stairs, we got back to the campground and relaxed in our hammocks, read, and snacked. Then we started our dinner and camp fires and were much more successful this time. We had a new neighbor whose "fire starter" consisted of a propane tank with a nozzle. He helped us out and we were set for the night! We made soup over the fire along with roasted sweet potatoes, zuchinni and corn.
Patty was in charge of the fire and I was in charge of the marshmallows :-P Plus it was super cold at night so the fire was essential!
 The next morning we got a grill fire going all by ourselves and cooked up an awesome breakfast of eggs in a basket with melted cheese on top. Yummmm

Then we packed up and drove back. We picked up some delicious apples on the way back from an old man on the side of the road. Fresh from Ellajay (sp?), GA where all their apples seem to come from.


Katharine said...

Looks awesome! It makes me want to go camping again. I love camp breakfast, yours looks delicious! Plus I love the picture of you standing on the rocks.

Rick said...

Enjoy your blog- how come no recent posts?